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Online: Empathic Connection and Community

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A time to connect with other Empaths over coffee or tea (or any snack you choose! Hee hee, I'll have cookies myself...) and ask Danielle and other group members any questions you may have as well, regarding empathic life... the good, the bad and maybe even the mysterious.

It's meant to be a positive connection time, so if there is something more lengthy that you need to address with Danielle and the group regarding empathic stress or trauma, you can come to the trauma support group every other week :-)

Note that other empaths will be signing up to join us from Zoom from our sister empath groups, so if you are the only one signed up in our group, you won't be all by yourself. We post the class in a few places for empaths. Usually our Zoom groups have between 4-8 people and are very welcoming :)

We will be meeting online for the time being. Donations and good vibes always welcome to help us offset group expenses and continue to grow ($5-$10 suggested donation) Here's the links to my Venmo and PayPal profiles: Tap or click them to be sure you're finding my true self. My Venmo is @daniellehuddy and my PayPal is @reverenddanielle



Thank you everyone for your patience with me as I learn to do things online instead of in person. I am not a tech person, most definitely not lol, but I will be giving it my best shot!

Also, find our Facebook group here and join the daily connection

Highly Sensitive People and Empaths. This Group's for You!
Highly Sensitive People and Empaths. This Group's for You!
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