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VDOTO2 Signup, Berlin Marathon - ADVANCED PLAN

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VDOTO2 Signup, Berlin Marathon - ADVANCED PLAN


The VDOTO2 training program is an app-based way to follow a Dashing Whippets training plan. This service is available for free to dues-paying members.

Dashing Whippets members can sign up here to enroll in our VDOTO2 training program for the Berlin Marathon Advanced training plan.

To sign up for the plan:

  1. RSVP to this Meetup, so we know you're interested.
  2. Sign up for VDOTO2, a free app, using this invitation link:

By going to this link you are giving some DWRT coaching staff members access to your VDOTO2 Calendar.

  1. Fill in the information needed to set up your profile and generate your current VDOT, using a recent race result.
  2. One of the coaches will then launch the entire plan to your calendar. Please note that this is a manual process and may take us a few days.
  3. Use the VDOTO2 app to see what workouts are recommended, including recommended paces. As you complete your workouts, upload the results to the app.

For more details, view this presentation:

Pdf version of the training plans can be found here:

Dashing Whippets Running Team
Dashing Whippets Running Team
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