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Meetup brings people together in person (and now online!)—starting with our team. Join us in our mission of empowering people to achieve personal growth by making real human connections.

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What it means to work at Meetup

Our six core values inspire us to do what we love, full-time.

We Elevate People and Lead with Integrity

Equality matters on Meetup and at Meetup. Elevating people means we show up for each other and support bringing our whole selves to the conversation. Our actions carry weight, which is why ours are rooted in respect. We value leading with integrity because doing good work is more than just doing a good job; it’s doing the right thing.

We Focus on Impact and Invite Change

Our job is to foster real-life connections and it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the world. That’s why all of the decisions we make focus on making the greatest impact on people’s lives. That requires getting creative. We invite change because a willingness to welcome the unknown is essential for growth and innovation.

We Step Up and Trust in Transparency

Making face-to-face connections possible is what we do and we think the world’s a better place for it. Everyone at Meetup shares accountability for stepping up in doing what it takes to achieve our mission. That means knowing when to offer and when to ask for help. To make that collaboration possible, we give everyone access to information that allows us to debate, align, and act. Transparency builds trust and that is the foundation to open communication.

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    Meetup empowers personal growth through real human connections because we see a future built on deep trust and collective effort. We are creating a world where people can turn to each other to improve their lives. We believe that real, human connection drives real change.



    Customer Experience

    What I enjoy the most about working at Meetup is the people. As a mission driven company with a focus on building community, our community sets a great example. I consider myself incredibly lucky to work amongst such incredible individuals. I feel seen, supported, and empowered to not only be my unique self, but to make the changes I know I can.



    Meetup for Business

    I joined Meetup because I truly believe in our company’s mission of bringing people together and empowering meaningful human connections. Every day, I have the opportunity to support customers with whom I share a passion for community building. I see the same passion from other Meetuppers, who show up for each other through various company initiatives and ERGs.




    One of the things I most enjoy about working at Meetup is the collaborative nature of our work environment. That is particularly true for the Legal Team, because our work touches on so many aspects of the business. I've found that level of collaboration incredibly rewarding and engaging, providing me with the opportunity to continually learn and grow professionally and personally.




    What I love most about working here at Meetup is the opportunity I get to use a variety of skills each day. Some days I'm heads down creating documentation and investigating new strategies for delivery. Other days I'm in conversations helping to shape process. This is truly a place where you bring your whole self to work.



    Customer Experience

    I work with such amazing and talented colleagues who are motivated to keep our community thriving! I always look forward to seeing our contributions flourish to make Meetup even better!




    I enjoy working at Meetup because of the culture which encourages personal and professional development.




    The people at Meetup are an amazing, talented, and dedicated team. I look forward to work each day and working with them to build Meetup for our customers.



    Data Science

    I joined Meetup because I think getting people together in real life builds empathy and community; and I think machine learning & analytics are powerful tools that can be leveraged to connect people together around the events they care about.




    Working at Meetup has been a highlight of my career. As a People professional, you hope for an org with transparent communication and caring people. Meetup is that and more. Not only do Meetuppers work relentlessly on making a great product experience for our members, they live out our Values in their work, always with a Mission-first mindset.




    Working at Meetup has been one of the best experiences of my life. I get to work with passionate, intelligent, and caring people. Being part of the Meetup in Color (ERG) has helped me accept myself as a person of color and feel supported by my peers. Meeting Meetup organizers, whose passion and drive for building community is palpable and contagious has allowed me to see the importance of my work at Meetup.

    Perks and benefits

    • Excellent health, dental, and vision coverage

      Excellent health, dental, and vision coverage

    • Robust Learning and Development program

      Robust Learning and Development program

    • Generous paid parental and family leave

      Generous paid parental and family leave

    • Flexible PTO and focus on wellness

      Flexible PTO and focus on wellness

    • Continuous employee events and programming

      Continuous employee events and programming

    • Curated meals, snacks, drinks and treats

      Curated meals, snacks, drinks and treats

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