Meetup Live

The one-stop spot for recordings and recaps of Meetup Live events, hosted by Meetup HQ!

Recording | Meetup 101: Hosting Successful Events

During this all-access demonstration with Customer Support professionals, you’ll learn how to plan and host successful events.

Recording | Living with Pride: Coming Out Stories

Watch a panel discussion with LGBTQ+ members as they share their stories of coming out to their friends and family.

Recording: Celebrating 20 Years of Meetup

It’s Meetup’s 20th anniversary! 🥳 We’ve come a long way, and we couldn’t have hit this major milestone without you. To celebrate, we chatted with some longtime organizers of popular groups.

Recording: The Power of Authentic Friendships

Watch this Meetup Live with Dr. Miriam Kirmayer for a lesson on building a robust and rewarding social circle.

Recording: Making Decisions When the Stakes are High

Learn to apply these decision-making rules of thumb from David Siegel’s book, Decide & Conquer. Make rational choices during times of crisis and calm.

Recording: The Power and Peril of Artificial Intelligence

Tech expert Anne Griffin discusses the ethics of artificial intelligence and machine learning in this Meetup Live recording.

Recording | Meetup 101: Announcing the Meetup for Organizers App

In this all-access live demonstration with Customer Support professionals, you’ll hear about the variety of tools the new Meetup for Organizers app has to support your growing community. We’re here to help you thrive.

Recording: Unleash Your Creative Genius

Many professionals think creativity is an inherited gift: you either have it or you don’t. In this recording, we’re debunking myths about innovation.